A Year of Penelope

Penelope turned one year old today!

So, to celebrate, here are a bunch of pictures of her over the past year.  She has been an amazing puppy: easy to train, eager to please, incredibly affectionate and sweet, and (as you can see in the pictures) perpetually happy.  We are very lucky to have her!

Christmas Hike

This year, for our Christmas Day hike, we wanted to find some snow.  There is a ton of snow in the mountains right now, but 7 feet seemed like a bit much, so we wanted something a little easier to walk through.  We went to the John Wayne Trail at Rattlesnake Lake.  It was perfect – the roads were snow-free, and the trailhead just had a little bit of slush, but once we got a half-mile or so on the trail, there were a few inches of snow for Penelope to play in. Penelope had not ever seen snow before, but she took to it like, well, a dog in snow!


The trail goes along an old railroad line, and so it is nice and flat, and with Jonathan’s ankle and Morgan’s headache, that was exactly what we needed!  It was a pretty trail through a nicely snow covered forest, and while Penelope stole the show, the scenery was also quite nice!

Penelope definitely stole the show, and was quite happy to bounce up and pose for the camera!

And she had an absolute blast running around like a silly puppy!

We all came back tired, wet, and very happy from our hike!

Day 24 – Santa sleighs all

As always happens around this time, Santa appears with his bag of goodies!

He looks around at all the arguing and bickering and fighting people, and decides that they have all failed the nice/naughty test, and he is rather bored of them all (he was of course watching the whole time) and so he decides that they would all be better off if they didn’t exist any more.  Or, at least, the world would be better off.  Surely they were causing lots of global warming and deleting websites with cute kittens on them and other such nefarious things.  And besides, Santa is never wrong – never, ever question him!

Day 22 – love and…rockets?

While the yuppie is fiddling with his silly magical cronut and feeling awfully smug, he somehow makes what appears to be a rocket pack appear right next to the fire!  As he moves closer to inspect his apparent handiwork, he sees that there doesn’t appear to be a method to strap the rocket pack onto someone…  Hmmm…  Maybe he needs to fiddle his cronut some more (and hope that that line is never repeated ever again).

The others also crowd around the newly appeared device – the young criminal in pink is so astounded, she lets her marshmallow fall on the ice!  The spy, or maybe he is more of a spy in training, as he isn’t taking photos of this new device, but is instead roasting his marshmallow over the still-lit campfire.  The Mountie has stopped yelling into his megaphone since it wasn’t doing the damnedest bit of good anyway.

Day 21 – the smell of roasting..

As things are starting to come to a head, suddenly the yuppie springs into action, leaping off his plane and using his magic cronut he turns the other two youths’ magic pastries into marshmallows and creates a little camp fire between the combatants.  It seems like there is little left to do except maybe roast the marshmallows…  They are awfully big though – almost the size of their heads!

Day 20 – beware the snow man!

Our young lady of the criminal past uses her magic cream puff to conjure a snowman from the white stuff lying on the ground, and it lurches toward the fun loving youths with menace in it’s black coal eyes.  Our spy hops off his train and raises his magic pretzel and the bulldozer transforms back into a robot and faces off with the column of snow.  Meanwhile, the Mountie, who appears not to have a gun yells at the criminals through his megaphone, and the yuppie takes five and just chills.

Day 19 – pretty in pink

A young lady in pink has appeared, and as our three fun seekers wind up their excursion, she appears to be in the clutches of the criminal and his dog!  Our two youths instantly fall for her lavish hair and pink cute girly device and each decides he will be the one to save her.  As they are planning how to save her while stopping the other from doing the same, she starts talking.  She tells them that she is the criminals daughter, and laughs at their response to her ridiculous pink getup, and tells them to give up their vehicles because she has a magic pink cream puff that she won’t hesitate to use against them.


Day 18 – Go you Husky!

As our Mountie rides around with or two youths, the criminals dog, a beautiful husky, has come to help him!  Together, these two are now working on staging the other present, and will definitely get into more trouble soon!  And in case you haven’t watched “State and Main”, that is a great movie with such lines like “baseball, that’s our national sport”, and”go you Husky!” – it is definitely worth a watch!


Day 17 – what the Mountie was really on about

As it turns out, the Mountie was actually talking about to the two youths was the new snowmobile he had requisitioned, and knew he would be getting soon!  As soon as it arrives, he hops on and tells the youths to follow him if they can!  Our yuppie youth of course goes for the airplane, while the spy opts for the train – they are about to set off on a grand adventure!

In the mean time, our criminal has taken his stolen money back and is now working on pulling one of the presents away, while he has already grabbed the remote control for one of the cars…