2020 Day 15 – Amboolents!

Actually, the title today is a bit of a misnomer, for although there is indeed a shiny new amboolents, it is far from the center of attention! Instead, our dastardly criminal has grabbed his sticks of dynamite and tossed them (rather carelessly, it must be said) in the back of the yellow dump truck!  Our chief chases after him in the firetruck, which was very close to hand, with the other cop sitting actually on top of it having fun (which is how the crim actually managed to sneak away and grab his dynamite), so now our chief is having to do all of the work to try and nab him.  Luckily, the new amboolents is just around the corner, so if the crim is going to make the turn, he is going to have to do some dyno-mite driving!