Role reversal…

Ironically, we are now in Indianapolis, but Morgan’s parents, presumably the people we come to Indianapolis to visit, are not. Morgan’s dad is in Florida, because his wife’s aunt died. Morgan’s mom is in Portland: she made plans a long time ago to fly to Portland this weekend and then drive up to Seattle to … Continue reading “Role reversal…”


The rubber bands came off today! I still have big wires wrapped around my teeth, but the rubber bands that had been holding my jaw shut have been removed. This means that I can now: stick my tongue out at people lick my lips eat things that are bigger than the gaps between my teeth … Continue reading “Healing!”

Comments! We’re loved!

We had been all bummed because no-one had been commenting on our site! 🙁 but apparently we didn’t configure this bit-o-software properly, as it was supposed to email us when there were comments pending, but it didn’t! whoops! so I checked, and we have comments!! Yaay!! we’re loved!!

Hi, this is MoJo, we’re in a truck!

We got up early & picked up our truck at Penske and for the first time ever while renting a vehicle, the person we were renting it from actually showed us how to use it, like where the light switch was, etc! It was pretty impressive and he was really nice and explained everything to us, like how we couldn’t take the FDR and how we had to take the truck entrance onto the Lincoln tunnel because We’re In a Truck…

Unfortunate change in plans

Just when it looked like we were going to have no trouble finishing up our last-minute packing and tying up a bunch of loose ends here and being all ready to leave New York for good on the day after Christmas, we had a major disaster the day before Christmas that is going to delay us for a few days….

A quick breath of air!

We have time for a quick breath of air, before finishing up our packing. We don’t have much to say; we’re extremely exhausted but still pretty excited about everything! Hopefully we’ll finish all this up today & get to go traipse around the city…